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27 May 2007 @ 09:04 pm
History of Davy Jones & Calypso?  
Okay, I just recently saw the third movie and was pleasantly 'aw'ed and 'wow'ed.  I love it to death and I can't wait to see it again.  I loved the action, I loved the humor, I loved the intricate plotline (not as much as the second movie where I had to see it three times to put all the information together), and I ABSOLUTELY loved the depth of emotional turmoil between Davy and Calypso.

The rest of what I want to say and questions I want to ask are spoilers, so I'll put them behind this conveniently placed cut.

Okay, while I loved the interraction between Davy and Tia/Calypso, it only made me want to learn of their pasts more - most specifically, their history together.  But trying to fill in the blanks is hard.  Information and references are given throughout the movie, but no complete confirmation is given.  I was left with several questions, like: 
* When did Davy Jones become immortal?  Was it when he cut out his heart or beforehand when he was given the task to carry the souls to their resting place?
* How does his task to guide the lost souls correlate with his curse to only walk on land once every ten years?
* How was Calypso unfaithful to Davy?  By falling out of love with him, by sleeping with another man, or never loving him in the first place?

stabbycutlass posted several days earlier with a quote from Terry Rossio with explanations on the curse:

"But to clarify one point: Davy Jones, as Captain of the Flying Dutchman, is cursed to set foot on land only once every ten years ... unless he finds a love that is true to him. Hopefully that rule will be made more clear in the third film.

If the person Jones had been in love with had been true, and waited for him, and stayed in love with him for ten years, upon his return to land his curse would have been lifted. That's a big part of the reason why Jones is so bitter and cruel. He had a chance to lead a normal life ... but his lover was fickle." -- TR

And here's another quote I found from hxxp://pirates.wikia.com/wiki/Davy_Jones:

Davy Jones was once in love with Calypso, and was tasked with the duty of guiding souls lost at sea into the afterlife. He was given use of the Flying Dutchman and dominion over the dimension known as Davy Jones' Locker. For ten years he performed the task, separated from his love though able to visit her for a single day every decade. Upon his return from the underworld, Jones found Calypso had forsaken him; an incident that changed Jones' life forever.

And from hxxp://pirates.wikia.com/wiki/Tia_Dalma:

Tia Dalma was originally the goddess Calypso. During this time, Davy Jones fell in love with her. Calypso gave him the task of guide the spirits of the dead lost at sea and Jones' accepted the task out of love for her. However, she scorned him when he returned to see her ten years later.

Okay, this was the impression that I got also... that he picked up the task due to his love for her.  Were clues on this given in either the 2nd or 3rd movie, or was it given in the POTC: The Complete Visual Guide?  I can't seem to remember any specific parts in either movie that reference to it being his decision to take on the duty.  Also, I don't have the guide to actually check and see if these words were actually written in there.  I kind of wonder if there's anything more to this.  Was he only a lovestruck fool hoping to gain her love for him by acting so virtuous or was there something else to it?  What did the deal include?  What was in it for him?  Just a chance of her falling in love with him, or did she promise to be with him forever... to be human for only him?

And how the hell does the curse play into all of this?  He can only touch land once every ten years... why should that matter?  She's a Goddess of the Sea, so how does that stop her from being with him?  Was that a part of the agreement, that he could only see her when he was on land?  And what exactly does the curse detail anyways?  According to Terry, breaking the curse would allow him to 'lead a normal life'. 
Does this mean he would not have to perform his duties anymore either?  Or that he would just be able to live with his loved one?  Jack ended up with the same curse as well.  So assuming that Elizabeth was faithful ten years down the line (in the 30 second scene shown after the movie) then what her faithfulness entail for the two of them?  That Jack can stay on land with her longer than just a day?  That she'd be allowed to go on the ship with him?

All that the information says is that Calypso gave him the duty that he had to perform.  But did she also give him the curse?
  Did he receive the curse at the same time as he was given the duty or did it come earlier on or later on?  There seems to be no information that leads away from the assumption that both came at the same time and both came from Calypso, however there seems to be something out of place.   If she did both to him, then it seems like it was never her intention to be with him, b/c the cards seem too stacked against him.  I just can't see her willingly wanting to be with him if she's suddenly setting down a rule that she can't see him for ten years (and that the curse will only be lifted if she stays true to him).  However, I do believe that she truely loved him.  You can see it in her face when she talks in the third movie (I think when Barbossa's crew are sailing through the frozen icebergs) about there being a woman that truely loved him.  Even then you can tell that she loves him. 

One thing that I know that is true to her personality is this:  she's more true to her nature than she is towards any sort of bonds.  The sea is wild and untameable.  As such, she is wild and untameable, which means that she can't just stay devoted to one man no matter how much she may love him.  Also, she's a very powerful goddess... and along with many other goddesses and gods of myth (i.e. Roman or Greek), she's arrogant.  If she truely believes she's above mortals then she won't allow herself to be bound by their rules.  She only seems to gain humanity when in love, yet she doesn't allow that to overcome her b/c she's too proud to allow so.

So, either way, their love was doomed from the beginning.  Now I guess the question just lies on whether some other power laid the curse upon him or if Calypso did it herself.  Personally, while a small part of me would like to believe that the results were out of their control and that her only requirement of him was to work for her, I believe she put the curse upon him herself.  I'm still confuzzled over the whole matter, and trying to sort it all out only makes my confusion grow worse.  I can't seem to tell how the agreement and curse happened and when they did.  B/c there are at least a MILLION ways it could happen.  She could be the scheming goddess just trying to get out of her work and getting a foolish, lovestruck mortal to do it for her, or he could be the one that somehow came up to her to try and strike a deal, or they both could have been genuinely in love at the time yet she wasn't able to stay true in those ten years because of her nature (yet she still loves him), or she could have thought she was in love yet ended up falling out of love and everything she said in the movie was all an act.  Truely, their love is so ambiguous.

But, really, how much do you think Calypso truely loved Davy?  To me, I could just feel their love for one another, especially in their one scene together.  Also, was her love for him greater than any one else, or was that how passionate her love was for all men she got involved with?  There is obviously some interraction and references between her and Jack during the second movie (and some of the third).  Personally, I see her attention to any other man as simply a lustful experience.  Davy seemed to be the only one she acted human around... that she loved body and soul.  Obviously, the movie constantly ties in humanity with the ability to love... that's why Davy carved his heart out - to be rid of his humanity and emotions.  However, though they may have loved one another, Davy seemed to be the only one that was truely devoted.  Love and devotion are two different things.  To her, she was Calypso before Tia.  She valued her godliness over her humanity.  She couldn't even stand being in human form for so long.  And that was the true tragedy of their love.

Also, how long ago did all of this happen?  When did he fall in love with Calypso?  And how the hell does one fall in love with a goddess?  Was she in human form at the time and he fall in love with the woman?  Or did he love the sea so much that ended up falling in love with the goddess?  It seems he loved her no matter what form she was in, but who did he love first:  the woman or the goddess?

Also, when did the power of immortality kick in?  Did he become immortal when given the duty or only once he carved his heart out?  According to one the Davy Jones wiki, this is what it says:

In his rage, Davy Jones carved his own heart out of his body, and placed it, still beating, into the Dean Man's Chest. Rather than dying, Jones became all but invincible, with his only weakness laying within the chest, the key to which Jones hung around his neck. It was believed that whomsoever opened the chest and took Jones' heart would control Davy Jones—and thus, the entire ocean.

Okay, so he was performing black magic at the time?  Because, one would assume that if he were to carve his heart out that he would die rather than gain immortality.  On the other hand, if he were already immortal, then carving his own heart out wouldn't be a problem.  He would only do it in order to rid of his "humanity" (his emotions and love).  Although, I don't know why I even question all of this... the whole movie deals with fantastical and mythological things (voodoo, gods/goddesses, Kracken) so a person carving his own heart out and still living shouldn't be such a surprise.  And we see William in the end having his heart cut out and surviving.  Okay, so if that's the whole save all solution to immortality, then why doesn't Jack just go and do that?  To me, it seems like immortality has to do more with the duty rather than it does with the act of cutting out one's heart.

Then again, now I just realized that up above the quote says "invincible" and not "immortal".   Two different things.  Oh well.

Also, how was she considered "unfaithful" to Davy (or how would Elizabeth be considered unfaithful to Will)?  How did she scorn him?  Did she sleep with another man?  Did she fall out of love with him?  Did she fall in love with someone else?  Did she never love him in the first place?  Personally, I'm more inclined to think that it is the first one, considering her flirtacious attitude yet seemingly emotional love for Davy.  Or she could also be in love with someone else, but no clues were given to that.  Also, I'm a hopeless romantic and prefer to believe that she only loved Davy that way.

And what did you think of the end?  Where did Davy end up?  An eternity in that maelstrom?  In Davy Jones' Locket?  In some sort of twisted way he was able to end up being with Calypso... he was swallowed up by her.

Anywho, they were my favorite couple in the whole movie.  Elizabeth and Will, while sweet, kinda lost their impact on me after the first movie.  However, I do love the twist that was added in to the end (I seem to prefer romances that have some sort of tragic, angsty part to them along with the sap and romance... adds more flavour).

Anywho, I'd love to see a continuation on the whole Davy/Calypso history and love, whether in fanfiction form or another movie that goes more indepth into their story.  Agh!  So want more!

Anywho, I'd like to hear from all of you.  Your opinions or whether or not you can answer my questions... anything!  Davy/Calypso forever!

P.S.:  On a side note, I think that Davy and Barbossa are the smex.  For some reason, I'm strangely drawn to them like a moth to the flame.  Yeah, Jack and Will may look more attractive in a model-sort-of-way (or at least that's what I think... I still drool looking at their pictures at times), I'm just more... ergh, I don't know the word!  I'm more attracted and interested in Davy and Barbossa!  I just am!  I love watching them!  They're the most awesome characters!
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Grimmelok: Kissgrimmelok on May 28th, 2007 05:38 am (UTC)
I love this post.

Omg so long though...XD I will say this, though: I will try my best to answer some of this as I see it either tonight or tomorrow. But I can say this:

'Anywho, I'd love to see a continuation on the whole Davy/Calypso history and love, whether in fanfiction form or another movie that goes more indepth into their story.'

I'm making a fanfic right now! :3 I have been a bit discouraged because I felt that not too many people would be interested in it (Fanfiction.net is surprisingly lacking of Davy/Calypso), but I can see now that I'm wrong. I'm actually kind of improvising on what I do know about the 10-year-thing and whatnot...Since I think so much about it isn't really clear from the movies themselves. :[
Willowwillag on May 28th, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC)
Oooo! Yes! Write it! Several people would love you for it (most especially me included)! And just to see another person's POV of how the past happened would be interesting.

My questions weren't necessarily supposed to be answered. I was hoping they'd get people's juices flowing and provide the inspiration for some storytime or debate or deepthinking. 'Cause, honestly, these should be the questions that we're interested in as fans of Davy Jones.
Blackatblackat81 on May 28th, 2007 05:38 am (UTC)
Well in my mind the whole Brethern (sp?) Court thing took a big part in their relationship - did Davy seal her to her human form, or did they get the information of him? Really, the whole thing confuses me. >
Willowwillag on May 28th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
Yes, the Brethren Court did take a big part in the outcome of their relationship. I just a few minutes ago watched certain parts of the third movie. Lemme see if I can get the part of the movie where Davy, Beckett, and Will are all talking about Calypso:

Beckett: I believe you are familar with a person called Calypso.
Davy: *shocked* *slight gasps* Not a PERSON. A heathen god. One who delights in cursing men with their wildest dreams and then revealing them to be HOLLOW or not but ASH. The world is well rid of her.
Will: Not quite so well actually. Mmm... the Brethren Court intends to release her.
Davy: *turns from Will to Beckett back to Will quickly* No! They CANNOT! The first court PROMISED to imprison her forever! THAT was our agreement!
Beckett: Your agreement?
Davy: *shies away slightly* *mouth begins to tremble* I... showed them how to... BIND her. She could not be trusted. I-she gave me no choice. We must ACT before they release her.
Will: *sudden realization* You loved her.
Davy: Wha?! (or a scoff... can't tell)
Will: She's the one. And then you betrayed her.
Will: And after which betrayal did you cut out your heart I wonder.
Davy: *slaps tea cup out of Will's hand* Do not TEST ME...

Well, according to this exchange, Davy only released the information on how to bind her. The Brethren Court only used their one of nine Pieces of Eight to bind her. However, this begs the question on how Davy came across the information on binding. Did he gain it from an outside source or did Calypso entrust him with that information? If she did - which I'm more inclined to agree b/c of his previous devotion to her and their agree - then he ended up betraying her just as much as she did him.

Hm... this seems to be a good idea... maybe I should just quote all of the important parts from the movie about them.
Blackatblackat81 on May 28th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
Ah, thanks for the quote! Actually that clears a few things up for me because I couldn't remember his words or reactions to some of the major plot points in the movie. Do you have any of his other scenes in quote form? I think they'd be very helpful!
deepseasirendeepseasiren on May 29th, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)
I always figured that Davy Jones 'had to know' what he was getting involved in. As a great sailor and a man of the sea, surely he was aware of how unpredictable the goddess/the ocean was, and that no man or human or force could ever truly 'tame' her. My assumption was he knew how to bind her ( which was exactly how...a magic spell using one of the Nine Pieces of Eight?) just as he knew she was a goddess.

Which begs me to ask...he asked Calypso to marry him and offered to take her back to his small home by the sea ( assuming he had a Scottish accent he probably lived in Scotland LOL) in the letter from the chest that Kleeng posted. If he was going to MARRY her, then why would he agree to ferry the souls?
ジャンセン: tia's locketelyon14340 on May 28th, 2007 06:17 am (UTC)
The scene with the large icebergs, yeah, you can see that she was the one that loved him. She knows so much about Davy, and that's another proof.

It's just a shame she chose to be neutral during the giant whirlpool scene, after finding out that Davy was the one who taught the first Brethren how to put her in human form...

Then again, it's all so sweet, to know that Davy's last word was "Calypso".
Willowwillag on May 28th, 2007 05:19 pm (UTC)
Actually, it wasn't the icebergs (just watched the movie again). It's when she's talking about the lost, dead souls floating in the ocean. Here's the exchange (I'm not even going to attempt Tia's accent... maybe later):

Ragetti: I wonder what would happen if you dropped a cannonball on one of them?
*Ragetti and Pintel come back later chuckling with cannonballs in their hands but drop them after seeing Tia's disapproving, stern face*
Pintel: Be disrespectful that it would.
Tia: They should be in the care of Davy Jones. *looks away from duo and turns toward sea* That was the duty in which charged with... by the GODDESS CALIPSO. To ferry those who die at sea to the other side. *turns back to duo* And every ten years... he would come ashore... *shaking head slightly, lips smiling, face softening* to be with she who LOVE him... TRULY. *slight pause, turns away from duo* But the man has become a monster.
Ragetti: So he wasn't always... *puts hand underneath chin and moves fingers* ...tentacle-y?
Tia: *shakes head* No... *looks off in distance in what could be admiration* ...he was a man. *caresses locket* ...Once.

Actually, I think that was quite merciful of her to stay neutral. She could have wreaked hell upon both sides and completely obliterated both (when talking with Davy earlier that sounded to be her intent), but she allowed them to fight it amongst themselves. They were free in an essence to determine their own future.

Although it probably goes without saying that she knew Davy was going to fail anyways. She was a woman scorned at that point... even worse, a goddess scorned. I'd like to believe there's some sort of forgiveness between the two... however, the movie doesn't touch upon that... on what could have happened after his plunge into the maelstrom. The movie only covers the time when both were already betrayed and the consequences of their actions.
Nikki: I'm The Seaskitsosquirrel on May 28th, 2007 08:53 pm (UTC)
Its seems with the Davy fandom you either love or hate Tia, and I'm one of the fans that would love to beat her with a 10 ft. pole and mutilate what else is left loathes her.

"She could be the scheming goddess just trying to get out of her work and getting a foolish, lovestruck mortal to do it for her"

Exactly. Goddess or nymph, they get tired of their boy toys after a while. They also like to trick people into doing their bidding just because they love the power over them (That grin she gave Davy when he said my heart belongs to you and when she turns him human again was just pure joy of power). She wasn't there after 10 years because either she really didn't love him (which I think is true and was just putting on an act to get attention, or just horrible writting) and was off with another mortal of interest at the time, or It was her duty to ferry the souls and she didn't want to do it anymore so she seduced Davy and tricked him into doing it.
Katullus Lexuskatullus on May 29th, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)
I have a theory that "Davy Jones" is more a title than a name, sort of like (*...snickers at comparison*) "Santa Claus" and the whole "new person taking over the post every certain number of years and so forth" theory. Think about it. The legend of Davy Jones' Locker certainly had to have been a legend long before the whole debacle with Calypso and the current and well-known Davy, and now that Will holds the helm of the Flying Dutchman, is it to become "Will Turner's Locker"? Doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?

Thereby in accordance with that theory, Davy Jones- the one who was in love with Calypso- must have decided to hunt down the Davy Jones that was in command at that particular time, stab HIS heart, and take over the post in seeking to lose his own humanity... the why, when, and how-for-what-have-you all seem a little rocky, but give me a bit of time to think it over and I'm certain a snazzy fanfic on the matter will emerge from my keyboard, to be accepted at least into the alternate 'verse section of ff.net.
(Anonymous) on March 7th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
i loved davy and cylipso and i to want to know more!!
if you want to find out more about davy and cylipso look up goddess cylipso. there i read that davy was in love with the sea not knowing that every wave and storm was cylipso, she fell for him first and cared for him when he was on the sea. she had notice that he liked dark skin woman, and appeared to him in human form naked and then he fell for her i think that she charged him with his duty and made him immortal to do such a task. now when it came to the day she was to meet him she was told by the other gods not to meet him it wouldn't work out at that point she was kinda like a teenager and the other gods and goddesses where like parents. so we can understand why she may not of showed up! so now davy being pissed that she didnt show up cut out his heart and put it in a chest, so he would not feel the pain and so on. the action of this made him mean and became monster like the fallowing 10 years after her not showing see ended up going to the place where they where to meet that was when the brothering court put the curse on her to make her human and not let her become the sea again davy did tell them how to bind her. now i dont know if i got it right or not but im still looking into it i am also trying to find out whether or not she had been released from her bonds.
as a side note it is my understanding the davy jones locker is just a term for hell in the bottom of the sea and davy being another name for the devil, and davy jones was just a mortal man and never was the captain of the flying dutch-man it was a term used to talk about the captain of the ship not the ship its self the flying dutch-man had a captain van something or other i dont recall his name at this time (sorry).
i do hope i help you out in you quest for the truth and i do found that barbossa cylipso and davy jones where very interesting people as well and i to want to know more.
thanks for your time devra~
(Anonymous) on January 22nd, 2009 09:03 am (UTC)
this is the real legend...
Calypso is the daughter of Atlas, which makes her a God. She fell in love with Davy Jones and gave him immortally and a job which is guiding the lost souls to the underworld. In exchange being very arrogant as she was, by her giving him this power he must prove to her that he will for fill his duties always and can only be allowed one day in 10 years on land and be with her. Her agreed... When the day came for him to be on land she did not come to meet him. He then felt betrayed and that she only pretended to love him, so then he cuts off his heart which is his weakness and put it in the box and only the island where they were suppose to meet. He then betrayed her by letting the human know how to bing her in human form. So that is it..